Energy Transition Leaders, Oil and Gas Giants, Hit Back at Climate Critics

energy transition

The CEOs of some of the world’s leading energy companies have defended their position. This is about the energy transition mix after the COP26 climate summit focused attention on the future of the industry.

Energy industry leaders and insiders were plentiful at COP26. In Glasgow as government officials, corporates and activists clashed over emission-reduction targets, pledges. They deal to keep the global temperature rising to a minimum at the COP26 climate summit.

The CEOs of BP, Lukoil, Occidental, and Eni insisted they were diversifying their energy. They are offering and reducing carbon emissions while also maintaining supplies of hydrocarbons that are still heavily relied upon. This happened when they were speaking on a panel at the ADIPEC energy forum in Abu Dhabi hosted by CNBC’s Hadley Gamble,

“We just have to get the opportunity to explain what we’re doing and to make the case that it’s not about fossil fuels. It’s about the emissions,” Vicki Hollub, president and chief executive of U.S. energy company Occidental, said on Monday.

“And as long as we can to deal with the emissions and help others that use the products deal with the emissions too, then we have the right to be here. We have the right to provide the quality of life that oil and gas have provided … for the currently rich countries, and we need to allow the developing countries the same right to become wealthier through the development of their natural resources,” she added.

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Source: CNBC

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