Contrary to the doomsdayers and naysayers of the oil and gas industry you keep watching on TV or reading about in the paper, it is STILL POSSIBLE to generate a strong double-digit return @ current commodity pricing which as all of you know greatly outperforms traditional brick and mortar investment opportunities.

We are pounding down the doors to landowners and mineral owners in all of the various basins in the lower 48, and we are discovering some great buying opportunities for ourselves and our partners hitting those metrics we normally would expect in $40-$50 per barrel pricing. Likewise, you will see an even greater cash flow when oil is back at $40-$50 per barrel pricing.

Mineral rights ownership, and more specifically cash flowing mineral rights ownership that are delivering monthly royalties into your mailbox provide a vehicle for (NNN) Triple net lease monthly cash flow that is not tied to the extremely volatile stock market or real estate markets.

With all this said, the window of opportunity to buy low and realize this type of upside won’t be around forever, and we feel the time is now to strike on some panic-stricken fire sales that are never around in the $40-$50 per barrel price range.

Both Saudi Arabia and Russia have economies that cannot and will not sustain this level of pricing for very long without going into recession. Prices will recover, and we at Ranger Land and Minerals, LLC, as well as our partners, want to be riding the pricing wave up with strategically acquired assets already titled into our names.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can capitalize on this opportunity with oil & gas royalties.