Financing Oil and Gas Industry by Major U.S. Banks Continues – Study Says

financing oil and gas

JPMorgan Chase JPM, 0.48% Citigroup C, 1.06% and Bank of America BAC, 0.94% collected the most fees from the oil, gas, and coal sectors in the past six years, according to a Bloomberg study released Monday. Basically, financing the oil and gas industry by Major U.S. Banks is still a top priority of banks.

The news service said these and other major banks have drawn in at least $17 billion in fees and floated about $4 trillion in loans for fossil fuels since the Paris Agreement on climate was reached in 2015. So far in 2021, major banks helped generate $459 billion in bonds and loans for the oil, gas and coal businesses, according to Bloomberg data. The banks at the time led $463 billion worth of green bonds and loans. The study comes ahead of the UN Climate Summit starting Oct. 31 in Glasgow.

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Source: MarketWatch

A Little Trivia…

American oil history begins in a woodland valley along a creek in remote northwestern Pennsylvania. Today’s U.S. petroleum exploration and production industry is born on August 27, 1859, near Titusville when a well specifically drilled for oil found it.
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