Oil and Gas Industry Lauds EPA Decision To Reverse Course in Permian Basin

The Biden administration has backed down from a plan to impose what critics said were “draconian regulations”. It is in the Permian Basin of west Texas and southeastern New Mexico. This a move lauded by the oil and gas industry and Gov. Greg Abbott.

The Biden Administration on Thursday released its Fall 2022 Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions. This includes planned rule-makings and federal action. In it, the Environmental Protection Agency omitted its plan to impose “discretionary redesignation” of air quality conditions in the Permian Basin.

Last June, the EPA announced it was reversing a 2017 decision. This is by designating regions of the Permian Basin as nonattainment areas. It means they don’t comply with the 2015 Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

In response, Abbott sent letters to the president first arguing in June that the EPA plan. It says that “it could lead to skyrocketing prices at the pump by reducing production. Moreover will increase the cost of that production, or do both”. In August, he argued the EPA’s plan to attack Texas production” was “based on illogical and flawed grounds.”

The president didn’t respond. Instead, the EPA said if it decided to do anything it would notify Abbott and solicit state input.

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Source: Washington Examiner

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