High Oil Price up to $121 a Barrel when China Fully Re-Opens | Dan Yergin

While S&P’s Dan Yergin expects the base case for oil prices to stand at $90 in 2023, there remains a chance it could go as high as $121 when China fully reopens, he said, adding that there are three major uncertainties looming over the market. Let’s talk more about this high oil price trend.

“Our base case for 2023 is $90 for Brent but you have to look at other cases,” the S&P Global vice chairman said, adding there are three major uncertainties: the Federal Reserve’s decisions, China demand, and Moscow’s reaction to the price caps.

“If China gets over Covid … then you add a lot of demand to the market,” Yergin told CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Tuesday.

That could be “one big boost” and push prices to $121 a barrel, building on strains caused by underinvestment in oil and gas, Yergin said. That would be near highs set in March after Russia invaded Ukraine.

On the flipside, Yergin said prices could fall to around $70 per barrel in a recession.

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Source: CNBC

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