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How Does an Oil and Gas Lease Work?

An oil, gas, or mineral lease can be defined as a legally binding agreement between the mineral rights owner and the company bringing the oil, gas, or mineral reserves to the market.  Agreements between landowners and oil companies date back to before 1900, though the process is still generally the same.  Knowing the details of […]

Lukoil: 1 Million Bpd OPEC+ Cut Send Oil To $60

OPEC and its Russia-led non-OPEC allies could push Brent Crude prices back to $60 a barrel. Last week, OPEC’s leader Saudi Arabia was said to be asking members of the OPEC+ group to consider an additional collective cut of 1 million bpd— Over the weekend Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that Moscow will continue to play ball and […]

What Does Fee Simple Ownership Mean?

Fee simple ownership is most commonly referenced today when purchasing new real estate.  Fee simple is a legal term and is the most common and absolute type of property ownership in the United States.  If you are buying land or looking to sell, lease, or purchase mineral rights, understanding fee simple ownership is crucial. What […]

Producing and Non-Producing Mineral Rights

If you are purchasing mineral rights or an oil and gas lease, one of the first things to know is whether or not the mineral rights you are purchasing are currently producing or non-producing.  In this article, we will both define and help you understand the value and differences between producing and non-producing mineral rights. […]