Oil and Gas Jobs Are Bouncing Back In The Lone Star State

Oil and Gas Jobs

Two years ago, oil and gas companies in Texas were laying off employees. This is amid the most severe downturn in the industry’s history. This year, job growth in America’s oil and gas heartland has been so strong. As a result, labor shortages have prevented the industry from expanding.

According to the latest data, Texas added 2,600 new oil and gas jobs in August in the upstream sector. That was a decline from July when the upstream industry added 3,100 new jobs. Still a robust number and the latest proof that oil and gas companies are over the pandemic.

“Upstream employment is growing steadily alongside the world’s demand for affordable, reliable energy. The Texas oil and natural gas industry continue to play its leadership role in enhancing national and energy security in our nation and for our trade allies around the world,” said the president of the Texas Oil and Gas Association, commenting on the numbers released by the Texas Workforce Commission.

The data shows that since September 2020, the trough of the latest downturn, the upstream industry in Texas has added jobs at an average monthly rate of 1,943, for a total of 44,700 jobs added over the past two years. As of August, the total number of people employed by Texas upstream businesses stood at 201,700.

Upstream oil and gas employment is growing strongly in New Mexico as well: Texas and New Mexico share the Permian basin, seen as the top performer in the U.S. shale patch. The New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions expects employment in that sector to expand by 10.8 percent by 2028.


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