Oil and Gas exploration: Ensuring safe, reliable field performance with end-to-end enterprise asset maintenance

Here is a news regarding the success rates for discovering new oil and gas resources. Do you know that 2021 saw one of the lowest on record? However, with the return of high-impact oil exploration in 2022, O&G businesses have seen a much higher success rate. In fact, by September 2022, exploration, development, and production (E&P) firms had already discovered more than 1.7 Bboe at high-impact wells–four times what was discovered for all of 2021. With success rates like this, E&P organizations plan to move forward with a range of new projects that will have pumps producing oil for years to come. Let’s learn more about the Oil and gas exploration opportunities.

With the recent extraordinary energy crisis unfolding, the steady movement forward on high-impact oil exploration feels urgent. Offshore oil and gas engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) spending globally could total $276 billion. This is between 2022 and 2026, a 71% increase. Expenditures will certainly be high and production sites offshore can produce better profits. This is of course at lower prices when they are completely up and running. Furthermore, these offshore projects are to produce oil for several decades. And ultimately, because of the large scale of the developments, the production will come at lower break-even costs.

There’s no question that the business of oil and gas drilling comes with an array of hazards, especially true when drilling offshore, miles from land. There is a plethora of heavy and dangerous equipment, and part of ensuring rig workers are safe means receiving in-depth training regarding equipment usage. Now, it’s just as important to ensure that all assets and equipment used are maintained for healthy working conditions. This all translates to the need for effective field support and digital alignment, with a framework for application and focus on new technology.

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Source: World Oil

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