COP27: The Government Tells the World No More Oil and Gas is Needed – but it Can’t Stop Letting Companies Dig

New Zealand’s climate ambassador says it’s “just crazy” for rich countries to open up new supplies of fossil fuels. Yet the Government awarded new oil and gas exploration permits. This year fought for its right to do so in court, this is what Olivia Wannan reports. More about COP27 announcements and news here.

Christmas dinner hosts have to make a delicate calculation: how much food will be needed to last the day so that no one goes hungry, but there’s no expensive, unnecessary food leftover?

Climate analysts do a similar, but global, stocktake: working out how much oil, gas, and coal is going to be needed before green energy can take over. Too little and people could go cold, hungry, or stranded. But dig up too much and the resulting pollution will overcook the planet.

In report after report, experts have concluded the world has enough fossil fuels.

In fact, we’ll need to leave significant amounts of the oil, gas, and coal we’ve already discovered in the ground to avoid dangerous levels of global heating.

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