BLM seeks public comment for oil and gas lease sale in Wyoming

The BLM WY State Office has opened a 30-day public scoping period to receive public input on 5 oil & gas parcels that may be included in a Sept. 2024 lease sale in WY

A 30-day Public Scoping Period

The Bureau of Land Management Wyoming State Office has opened a 30-day public scoping period. To receive public input on 5 oil and gas parcels totaling 239.38 acres. That can be incorporate in a September 2024 lease sale in Wyoming. The comment period ends February 15, 2024.

The parcels the BLM is analyzing, as well as maps and instructions on how to comment are available on the BLM’s ePlanning website at:

A New Royalty Rate

oil & gas lease sale

As authorized under the Inflation Reduction Act. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is implementing a new royalty rate of 16.67 percent. For production on any new leases resulting from this sale. This move is focus at ensuring a fair and equitable collection of royalties on oil and gas extracted from federal lands.

The decision to implement this rate aligns with the BLM’s mandate to manage public lands in a responsible manner, striking a balance between promoting energy development and safeguarding the interests of taxpayers and the environment.

BLM’s online fact sheet

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the Inflation Reduction Act and its implications. Interested stakeholders are hearten to refer to the BLM’s online fact sheet. This fact sheet provides detailed information on the key provisions of the Act. Including its objectives, the rationale behind the royalty rate adjustment, and the expected impact on revenue distribution.

It serves as a valuable resource for industry professionals, state officials, and the public at large. Facilitating transparency and enabling informed decision-making regarding oil and gas leasing activities on federal lands. Notably, the generated revenues from these leases will be split between the respective state. Where the drilling occurs and the U.S. Treasury. Make certain that the financial benefits of energy production are shared among relevant stakeholders and contribute to the nation’s overall economic growth.

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Source: The Cheyenne Post

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