US Oil Industry’s Year: 2023 may have been the best year yet

The US oil industry is now in a post-boom era, focusing on smart growth aligned with demand rather than rapid expansion.

Last year, U.S. oil industry or crude oil production broke another record. This in itself is not exactly news. The shale oil industry has been breaking records for breakfast for years. But that was before the pandemic.

After the pandemic, many pronounced the shale boom dead. Of course, those same people found out in 2023 that this wasn’t strictly true. Despite a continued focus on capital discipline and the flurry of cash they returned to shareholders, U.S. drillers managed to boost their overall output to over 13.2 million barrels daily in September. And they did it with fewer rigs, at that. And with zero—if not negative—support from the federal government.

“Smart money knows to never bet against this industry,” Tim Stewart, President of the US Oil & Gas Association, recently told David Blackmon, energy industry vet and Forbes author. “We are going to be around a lot longer than any politician. Why is that? Because we produce wealth while they produce nothing.”

Indeed, if 2023 proved anything that many may have suspected, it was that an industry does not need a friendly government to flourish—at least when it comes to the oil industry, that is. Alternative energy industries, on the other hand, do need government support to survive.


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Source: Oil Price

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