US oil and gas production set to break record in 2023 despite UN climate goals

United States projected to extract 12.9m barrels of crude oil as countries at Cop28 to push for agreed fossil fuels ‘phaseout’

Extract More Oil and Gas than Ever Before

The oil and gas production of United States is confident to extract more oil and gas in 2023.

The US’s status as the world’s leading oil and gas production behemoth has only fortify this year, even amid warnings from Joe Biden himself over the expanding climate crisis, with the latest federal government forecast showing a record 12.9m barrels of crude oil, more than double the manufacture a decade ago, will be extracted in 2023.

Records will break this year for gas production. With a glut of new export terminals on the Gulf of Mexico coast. Facilitating a boom that will see US exports of liquified natural gas (or LNG) double in the next four years.

Oil and Gas Activity to Continue at Near-Record Levels

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Source: The Guardian


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