U.S. Energy Policy Must Support Natural Gas In Appalachia And West Texas

The US Energy Policy. Appalachia and the Permian are the main reasons why U.S. C02 emissions have been falling faster than any other nation.

Gas usage increases even under the most stringent of environmental policies under International Energy Agency modeling.

President Trump’s visit on Tuesday to the Shell “cracker” plant. In Beaver County outside the great city of Pittsburgh really got my wheels turning.

It’s a giant of a project: a $6 billion, 7,400 permanent jobs-creating, industrial facility that will convert ethane from flowing shale gas from the region into ethylene, the basic building blocks for plastic manufacturing. It’s the first U.S. cracker outside the Gulf Coast region in over two decades. And it shows how quickly the U.S. shale revolution since 2008 has transformed domestic and global energy markets, with always improving technologies and operational efficiencies surpassing all expectations.

Today, thanks to the Utica and Marcellus shale plays, Appalachia (PA, OH, WV) produces a whopping 33 Bcf/d or 37% of total U.S. gas supply. In fact, the triad now produces nearly 10% of the world’s gas, more than any other nation except the U.S. as a whole and Russia. Explaining Trump’s visit: “Pennsylvania As The New Natural Gas Giant.”



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Source: Forbes.com


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