Upgrade and expand the pipelines so Texas can reap the energy rewards

Domestic Energy Golden Age

From wind and solar to oil and natural gas, the American energy sector is booming. The Permian Basin — with record crude-setting production and massive recoverable resources — is at the forefront of this domestic energy golden age.

Upgrade and Expand the Pipelines

The Permian Basin, sprawling more than 75,000 square miles across West Texas and New Mexico, has more than doubled its production in recent years. Recently called “America’s Hottest Oil Field,” the Permian accounts for around a third of American crude output today. And there’s no sign of it slowing any time soon, with major oil companies like Chevron and Occidental pouring billions in new investment into the region in hopes of expanding their operations.

Upgrade and Expand the Pipelines so Texas can reap the energy

The momentum across the Permian is a boon for the region’s economy, creating jobs and opportunity at a breakneck pace. It’s also good news for the rest of the nation’s energy outlook, helping us meet more of our own energy demands while exporting energy to our allies and trading partners.

Better pipeline infrastructure would also help put an end to one of the most tragically ironic dynamics at play in today’s American energy heyday: reliance on fuel imported from unfriendly regimes.

The dynamics that have led to this pipeline backlog – political and otherwise – must be addressed if we’re to meet our full energy potential.



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