U.S. Crude Gains Weight Against Global Oil Benchmarks

A surge in United States crude gains made oil exports change the face of the global market and how oil is priced. This is with the price of U.S. crude gaining weight against other benchmarks.

This is what traders and analysts have observed this year. Now, as Europe became a major destination for U.S. oil as it sought to replace sanctioned Russian barrels. But Asia has been receiving more U.S. oil, too, because of its competitive pricing, Reuters reported, citing trade industry insiders.

Earlier this year, in February, the number of oil swaps linked to oil produced in Texas hit a record. As of early 2023, the number of such swaps in total also sat at a record. It has likely increased further since.

These developments were made possible by the shale revolution that turned the United States into the world’s biggest oil producer and a major exporter, especially since last year when the European Union embargoed Russian crude oil and fuels. And because U.S. crude is so competitive, it is probably going to gain further ground on international markets.

“As Midland becomes more and more important in the dated Brent assessment, it has a knock-on effect on other grades having to price themselves lower to compete with WTI Midland,” Reuters quoted Vortexa market analyst Rohit Rathod as saying.

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Source: Oil Price

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