Texas oil and gas industry now supports 1 in 6 jobs, study says

Supports about 17 Percent of Jobs

The booming oil and gas industry in Texas now supports about 17 percent of jobs in the state, either directly or indirectly, according to a new economic analysis.

The oil and gas industry in the state of Texas is a significant contributor to the overall economy, bringing in a staggering $557.4 billion in total outlays each year. This industry not only generates immense economic benefits but also plays a crucial role in supporting personal income, amounting to $120.6 billion annually. These figures highlight the magnitude of the industry’s impact, as it provides employment opportunities for nearly 2 million individuals, accounting for approximately one out of every six jobs in the state.

Extend Far Beyond

The ripple effects of the oil and gas industry extend far beyond its direct operations. It fuels a vast network of related businesses, ranging from equipment manufacturers to service providers, creating a robust supply chain that further bolsters the state’s economy. This interconnected web of economic activity is a key driver of growth and prosperity, attracting investment and fostering innovation throughout various sectors. Furthermore, the substantial personal income generated by the industry not only benefits individuals directly employed in the sector but also circulates through the local economy, contributing to consumer spending, tax revenues, and overall economic stability.

Texas oil and gas

In conclusion, the oil and gas industry in Texas is undeniably a vital pillar of the state’s economy, generating staggering economic benefits, supporting personal income, and providing employment opportunities for a significant portion of the workforce. Its far-reaching impacts extend beyond the industry itself, contributing to the growth and prosperity of related businesses and stimulating economic activity across various sectors. As such, it is crucial to recognize and leverage the positive contributions of this industry in order to sustain and enhance the state’s overall economic well-being.

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