Several Bills Filed to Support Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Texas Oil and Natural gas

Several bills are supporting the Texas oil and natural gas industry. The goal is to protect consumers from California-style regulatory policies.

State Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Fort Worth, and Rep. Brooks Landgraf, R-Odessa, filed companion bills. The bills are SB 1017 and HB 2374 which will protect Texans’ energy choices. If enacted into law, local government entities would be prohibited from banning the sale of engines. This is based on their fuel source according to the bill language.

Restrictions in Texas Oil and Natural Gas Industry

“California-style restrictions on engines or fuel sources that limit consumers and business owners from being able to access the energy sources they need have no place in Texas,” Birdwell said.

The legislation would prevent political subdivisions from adopting or enforcing ordinances, orders, and regulations. This includes similar measures to limit access to specific fuel sources or prohibit the sale of engines based on their fuel source. Political subdivisions include counties, municipalities, special districts, school districts, junior college districts, or housing authorities. The purpose is to prevent these entities from banning the sale of gas-powered lawn equipment, generators, and other small engines similar to what was done in California in 2021. The following year, California moved to restrict the sale of gasoline-powered cars.

The Legislation

The legislation will “ensure that Texans are free to make their own choices. This is without interference from government,” Landraf, said, and “protect energy choice.”

The Texas Oil & Gas Association praised the proposal. They issue a statement saying, “Misguided attempts to ban the use of particular types of engines or even specific fuel sources only serve to disrupt the lives of consumers and business owners who rely on affordable, reliable energy sources.”

Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland, and Landgraf also filed bills to redirect tax money to the oil and natural gas industry. It pays back to their local communities by creating a new fund. Craddick’s is the Generate Recurring Oil Wealth (GROW).

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Source: The Center Square

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