Clean Electricity Production – Natural Gas Leads It

Electric utilities note that power generated from natural gas is inexpensive, reliable, and clean. By the way, natural gas supplies are almost unlimited. Ready to learn more about clean electricity production?

Due to the shift largely from coal to natural gas, carbon emissions from electricity production in the United States have dropped dramatically and are now at mid-1980’s levels.

Electricity production from coal has dropped from nearly 50 percent of the total seven years ago to under 20 percent today, while electricity from gas has risen from about 20 percent seven years ago to 35 percent now, according to the Energy Information Administration.

An abundance of inexpensive American gas is transforming global energy markets, providing important geopolitical gains from the export of liquefied natural gas. In the battle to weaken Russia’s economic grip on Europe, we’ve turned to the commercial world’s most basic weapons — competition. Increasing the export of LNG has given Europe an alternative source of natural gas.

What really brings home the new reality is a milestone reached last year, when America eclipsed Russia as the world’s top producer of natural gas. This adds up to a very different outlook than the one 15 years ago when the U.S. was heavily dependent on imported natural gas.

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