Merger Mania Is Transforming Canada’s Oil Scene

Canada’s oil landscape looks encouraging for 2021 as Whitecap Resources Inc. acquires two oil and gas companies in addition to mergers between other energy companies, with anticipated growth through the coming year as demand for energy steadily increases. In November, Whitecap Resources announced a plan to acquire rival company TORC Oil & Gas through an all-stock transaction of $704.12m equivalent. The deal is expected to go through by 25 February 2021, providing an encouraging outlook for the first quarter of next year.

This merger would mean an estimated 100,000 bpd equivalent in production making it one of Canada’s major players. The expected value of the combined company is around $3.13 billion.

Since demand for energy has steadily increased since the slump in early 2020, so has Whitecap’s share price, going from C$2.29 ($1.80) in early July to C$4.96 ($3.89) in December, with a market cap of C$2.025 billion ($1.58bn) on the Toronto stock exchange.

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Source: Oil Price

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