IBM’s Next Big Bet is … the Oil Industry

IBM wants to dig more deeply into oil and gas.

In partnership with oilfield services giant Schlumberger (SLB), IBM will create a digital platform where oil and gas companies can access real-time data and software give them a competitive advantage.

The platform will layer Schlumberger’s suite of apps, called DELFI, onto IBM technology to provide digital tools to oil and gas companies — which rely heavily on computing-heavy processes like surveying a drilling site. The software could, for example, help determine if the soil and landscape in a certain area are good for drilling, or which angle is the best to drill to access the most oil over time.

“Digital has become an imperative for our industry,” Schlumberger CEO Olivier Le Peuch told CNN Business. “The whole industry recognizes that this is what can unlock the next level of efficiency, productivity and performance.”

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Source: CNN

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