Gas Price Increase – Why is the price of gas going up again?

gas price increase

According to AAA, the average price per gallon in Connecticut was $3.58. It was a massive gas price increase!

There is more pain at the pump across Connecticut and nationwide as gas prices climb higher once again.

“It sucks. It’s terrible, I hate it,” said Aiden Roche of Bristol.

“Frustrating, yeah I’m not OK with it. We need to do something about it,” said Meilany Caimares of Hartford.

There are a couple of reasons why it’s costing you more to fill up your tank, according to AAA. The cold winter weather is driving up demand for oil, and tensions between Russia and Ukraine are also contributing.

“Those political tensions are driving crude oil prices. And crude oil prices make up about three-fourths of what we pay at the pump,” said AAA spokesperson Tracy Noble. “Crude oil is closing just around $90 per barrel, and that’s $30 per barrel higher than we were seeing in August,” she said.

For drivers, it can take a toll on their finances, eating into other parts of their budgets just to be able to get to and from wherever they need to go.

“As a college student paying tuition, absolutely, yeah it’s terrible right now,” Caimares said.

“I mean it costs me pretty much double to fill an economy car and for people who don’t own economy cars it makes a big difference,” said Andrew Shields of Watertown.

Source: FOX61
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