2019 U.S. Oil Pipeline Report: Permian Production Spurs New Projects

U.S. Oil Pipeline Report

The U.S. Oil Pipeline Report, anticipated increase in production will be supported by further evaluation. Infrastructure development plans and secured capacity to transport oil and gas to ExxonMobil’s Gulf Coast refineries and petrochemical operations through the Wink-to-Webster, Permian Highway and Double E pipelines.

keystone-xl-pipeline-constructionPermian unconventional net oil-equivalent production is now expected to reach 600,000 bpd by 2020 and 900,000 bpd by 2023.

Meanwhile, the long-delayed Keystone XL project has returned to the forefront, as full construction was set to begin this year in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska. One judge halted construction activity, but President Donald Trump has renewed support for the project.

In addition, a number of other projects have been humming along as the 2019 summer construction season ramps up. What follows is an overview of the oil-related pipeline projects currently under way or in the development process.

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Source: North American Oil & Gas Pipelines


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