Why Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is betting big on natural gas

A $2.2 Billion Deal

Jones-controlled Comstock Resources is acquiring rival Covey Park Energy in a $2.2 billion deal. With the Dallas Cowboys businessman putting up $475 million of his own money toward the deal.

“I am excited to provide the funding and to team up with Denham Capital to combine the two companies to create the basin leader in the Haynesville shale.

Record U.S. production and the lack of pipeline capacity has made it difficult or impossible to make profits.

One of the Biggest Global Players in the Space

The world is going to see demand increase for natural gas. Because of its value as an energy source and a more friendly alternative to coal. The U.S. is now poised to become one of the biggest global players in the space — and Jones gets it.

One of the Leading Global Players

The United States is on the verge of solidifying its position as one of the leading global players in the space industry, and there is a growing understanding of this potential among influential figures like Jones. With advancements in technology, the U.S. has made significant strides in space exploration, satellite technology, and commercial spaceflight. This has not only bolstered the nation’s reputation in the field but also presented countless opportunities for economic growth and scientific advancements.

The Importance of the Space Sector

Jones, being an astute observer of this trend. Recognizes the importance of the space sector for the future of the United States. He understands that by investing in this industry. The country can reap significant benefits in terms of national security, technological innovation, and international prestige. Moreover, the space industry has the potential to create thousands of high-skilled jobs, foster collaboration between public and private sectors. And drive economic growth on a regional and national scale. Jones comprehends that by harnessing the potential of the space industry, the United States can position itself as a leader in the global arena. Shaping the future of space exploration and unlocking untapped potential for scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs.


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