The Age Of Oil Isn’t Over


Growing demand in Asia means that the age of oil isn’t over yet, although consumption in developed western economies has trended lower over the past decade, according to Karin Kneissl, a newly appointed director on the board of Russia’s oil giant Rosneft.

“I’ve always underlined that it’s the East that plays the decisive role, not the West. And the energy market is more dynamically developing in the East. And you shouldn’t also discount the African continent,” said Kneissl, who was Austria’s foreign minister between 2017 and 2019.

Continued growth in oil demand in Asia, due to increased economic prosperity and rising population, will shape the global trend in oil demand, Kneissl said at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, as quoted by Sputnik.

According to the new independent board member of Russia’s largest oil company, the current global push toward green energy and the stigmatization of fossil fuels and fossil fuel funding could result in a new supercycle for oil.

“Any type of energy has its implications for the environment. But political persecution of a certain industry leads to reduced investments. There will be a freeze of production, leading to the deficit. This marks the beginning of a new supercycle,” said Kneissl, as carried by Sputnik.

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Source: Oil Price

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