Texas Oil and Gas Groups Highlight Job Growth, Wages, Tax Revenue

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Upstream oil and gas employment in Texas continued to grow in November, with the sector adding 2,600 jobs versus October. This data is from the Texas Workforce Commission show.

October’s gain revision upward to 3,100 from the original estimate of 2,800. It is what thethe Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA) innclude in its monthly summary of the data.

“Texas oil and natural gas producers adding jobs. On the other hand, it is continuing to help to meet our energy needs is a testament. A testament to the ingenuity, determinationand resiliency of this industry. It fuels our modern way of life”. This is whatTXOGA President Todd Staples was mentioning. “Texans value the indispensable role that the oil and natural gas industry play in our state’s economy. It also involves our budget and our communities.”

The group said upstream employment in the state has shown positive growth in 23 of the 26 months since the pandemic-induced low point of September 2022.

“In that time, the industry has added 52,900 Texas upstream jobs. It is an average growth of 2,035 jobs a month,” TXOGA said. “These jobs pay among the highest wages in Texas. With employers in the oil and natural gas paying an average salary of approximately $109,000 in 2021”.

The Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO) said the November job total of 209,900 was up by 37,600 positions. it is a comparison compared with November 2021. The year/year increase included 7,900 jobs in oil and gas extraction and 29,700 jobs in the services sector.

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Source: NGI

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