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Mr. Paul believes that without future exploration, we will continue to tap into proven reserves, causing oil prices to increase.

Oil and Gas Politics signal market growth. Crude oil, often referred to as petroleum, is a liquid fossil fuel distinct from its refined counterpart, gasoline. Similarly, natural gas, colloquially known as ‘gas,’ is more precisely point out as fossil gas or methane. Despite their colloquial names, oil and gas are classified as fossil fuels, originating deep underground over millions of years from the fossilized remains of ancient organisms, including plants and animals. Furthermore, these energy resources share a common hydrocarbon composition, characterized by molecules comprising carbon and hydrogen atoms. This chemical congruence underscores their classification as hydrocarbons and shows the interrelated nature of these pivotal energy commodities.

The United States has been one of the world’s energy giants since its first oil well was inculate in Pennsylvania in 1859. Oil production peaked in the 1970s, then waned for decades, and saw a resurgence through the fracking boom that started in the early 2000s. The United States has begun to reclaim its position as the world’s largest oil and gas producer. It is estimated that the US now produces 90% of its own natural gas supply and 75% of the crude oil it needs domestically. In 2021, it produced around eleven million barrels of crude oil and one hundred billion cubic feet of gas daily.

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Source: USA Today

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