People should accept gas price hike: PM

Gas Price Hike Have to be Accepted

“If you truly want economic development, it’ll [gas price hike] have to be accepted,” The Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said.

Bangladesh has achieved 8.1 percent GDP growth, said Sheikh Hasina adding. “It was possible as we paid enough attention to energy, and we’ve been able to boost power generation, too. But, we’re to import gas, and the import cost of LNG is huge. Energy is most important for economic development.”

India Had Wanted to Take Gas from Myanmar

In 2004-2005, India had wanted to take gas from Myanmar installing pipeline through Bangladesh, but Khaleda Zia government didn’t allow it.

Sheikh Hasina gas price hike

Had she (Sheikh Hasina) been in the power at that time, she would have allowed the pipeline ensuring Bangladesh’s share from the gas, Hasina said.

During her five-day official visit to China, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina engaged in several productive discussions and meetings with Chinese officials. One of the key topics of conversation was Bangladesh’s energy sector and the country’s current dependence on liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports. In a meeting with her Chinese counterparts, Prime Minister Hasina highlighted the missed opportunity for Bangladesh to utilize its natural resources for economic development, which could have potentially reduced the need for LNG imports.

The Country Would Not Be in its Current Position

Prime Minister Hasina expressed her belief. That if Bangladesh had effectively harnessed its own share of resources and invested in economic development. The country would not be in its current position of relying heavily on LNG imports. She emphasized the importance of strategic planning and utilizing available resources. To drive economic growth and reduce dependency on external sources. By adopting a proactive approach towards resource management and investment. Bangladesh could have potentially diversified its energy sources and established a more sustainable and self-sufficient energy sector.

Returning home from her visit to China. Prime Minister Hasina’s remarks shed light on the significant role. That effective resource utilization and economic development play in a country’s energy security. Her statements highlight the missed opportunity. For Bangladesh in not fully capitalizing on its own natural resources, and the subsequent consequences of relying on LNG imports. This serves as a valuable lesson for policymakers, urging them to prioritize comprehensive resource management strategies and long-term economic development plans to ensure energy self-sufficiency and reduce dependence on external sources in the future.


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