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Alaska oil and gas industry

Jennifer Starck was all set to head to medical school after finishing her degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering. Then she encountered a BP recruiter at a job fair who is in the Alaska oil and gas industry. Before she knew it, she had a job offer and a choice to make.

“They said ‘Houston or Alaska?’ and I said ‘Alaska,’” Starck recalled. “And they said ‘No, seriously — Houston or Alaska?’”

She insisted, and she never looked back. After 21 years, Alaska — and the petroleum industry — has become her home.

Starck is just one of the many women who help keep Alaska’s oil and gas flowing. And just like Starck, many other women in the petroleum industry made their way there on unexpected paths. Jacki Rose planned to work in mining; she now handles regulatory permitting and compliance for Bluecrest Energy. Laura Green started her career in fire protection systems; she is now the regional safety manager for Hilcorp Alaska.

None of these women imagined they’d end up in the oil and gas industry — or that they’d love it as much as they do.

‘You aspire to be what you see’

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