Big Oil’s Hottest Prospects In 2021

Big Oil hottest prospects

Judging by the first 3 months of 2021 it seems that this year has gone off to a wrong start. Instead of economic rebounds, we face the third rendition of a market slump. Nevertheless, 2021 will become much more prolific in oil discoveries than 2020. Many of the wildcats initially planned for 2020 were moved to the next year. It is for financial or health security reasons. All the while, some new frontier areas were opened up only very recently. With that 2021 will see its natural continuation there. Several wells have already been spudded, for instance the early top-5 contender Perseverance-1 (prospective resources of 770 MMbbls) spudded in the offshore zone of the Bahamas has encountered oil, however, in non-commercial volumes. Read more about Big Oil hottest prospects below.

In Latin/South America, besides the Bahamian dry Perseverance prospect, many hopes were in a pin to the continuation of drilling in the Guyana/Suriname Basin. Despite clinching a total of 18 discoveries within the Stabroek Block, ExxonMobil’s drilling programme has been disappointing lately.

First, the Tanager-1 well (although this was on the Kaieteur block to the north of Stabroek) turned out to be dry in November 2020, then Hassa-1 wildcat “did not encounter hydrocarbons in the primary target reservoirs” in January 2021 and now Bulletwood-1 (Canje Block) ended up being non-commercial. Guyana will still have an opportunity to bounce back in 2021 with the Kawa-1 wildcat,

However, it seems that if the basin is to wield any significant discoveries. There will be a location change in Suriname’s offshore where several high-potential wells are on schedule for this year. Most notably the  Goliethburg-Voltzberg North-1.

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