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Why Big Oil Expects Record Cash Flow In 2021

The world’s largest oil companies are set for a cash flow bonanza this year, probably at record levels, as massive cost cuts in the wake of the 2020 oil price and oil demand collapse have significantly lowered the corporate cash flow breakevens for many firms. After posting record losses in 2020, a year which company […]

Texas Refinery Restarts Could Take Until April

The restart of Shell’s Deer Park refinery in Texas could take until April, Reuters has reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the issue. A spokesman for the company told Reuters no timeline has been set for the refinery’s return to normal operation. Shell shut down the two crude processing units at the 318,000-bpd refinery in […]

How to 1031 Exchange Communication Towers into Mineral Rights & Royalties

Although they’ve changed shape, size, and function over the years, communication towers have been a part of our society for over a century. From radio to television to internet and phone networks, communication towers are a strong asset in the information age. For the most part, communication towers are generally leased to companies that provide […]

Goldman Sachs Sees $75 Oil In Q3 2021

Goldman Sachs is now even more bullish on oil, expecting Brent Crude prices to hit $75 a barrel in the third quarter this year, on the back of faster market rebalancing, lower expected inventories, and traders hedging against inflation. In a note on Sunday, cited by Forexlive, the investment bank’s analysts forecast Brent Crude prices […]

Chile Could Save Argentina’s Shale Boom

Latin America just seems to be unable to synchronize its long-mooted upswing with global energy trends. Venezuela boasts the largest reserves on earth yet just as it starts to recover from the havoc US sanctions cripple its entire oil and gas industry, Argentina was assumed to be the next non-US shale oil sensation yet just […]