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Energy shares jumped 124% so far since Biden took over at the Oval Office vs. a 65% decline for the comparable period under Trump.

After a sharp decline in the final quarter of 2023, U.S. gasoline, American oil soars prices are surging again in a pivotal election year, offering Republicans a fresh chance to pin the blame on President Biden’s green agenda much to the chagrin of the White House. According to Bloomberg, citing new data from AAA Automobile Club, U.S. gas prices are now on course to hit the dreaded $4-a-gallon mark in the coming months, thanks to rising crude prices amid tightening supplies.

But here’s the kicker: under most key metrics, the U.S. oil and gas industry has flourished under the Biden administration despite its push towards a carbon-free future, proving that not even Washington has sufficient power to single-handedly sway large, globally interconnected markets like oil and gas. GOP White House hopefuls were quick to lambast Biden and his energy policies in the post-Covid oil price rally that hit its zenith shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Yet, Big Oil investors were hardly complaining. According to data compiled by Reuters, profits of the top five publicly traded oil companies, namely Exxon Mobil Corp, Chevron Corp, BP Inc, Shell Plc and TotalEnergies SE rocketed to $410 billion during the first three years of the Biden administration, a 100% increase compared to the corresponding period of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Not surprisingly, oil and gas investors have been handsomely rewarded under the Biden administration, with energy shares jumping 124% so far since Biden took over at the Oval Office vs.-65% decline for the comparable period under Trump.

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